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Sagarika 1956Sagarika 1956
iMDB Rating: 8.0

Date Released : 1 February 1956

Stars : Suchitra Sen, Uttam Kumar, Jamuna Sinha, Namita Sinha." />

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

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A Uttam-Suchitra Romantic Classic

Arun (Uttamkumar) is a brilliant student born in a poor family in a remote village. After finishing MBBS Arun is working as a house surgeon at Bengal Medical College and aspires to go to London on a state Scholarship for further study. One day accidentally Arun collided with a junior medical student Sagrika (Suchitra Sen) in the college premises. Looking at the mesmerizing beauty of Sagarika, Arun fell in love . However, Arun didn't say anything to Sagarika. Arun's student Shipra became jealous of Sagarika. In order to harass Sagarika Shipra tore a page from Arun's diary (where Arun expressed his love for Sagarika) and sent it to Sagarika. Sagarika was extremely furious with Arun, and complained to the college Principal. The principal was upset with Arun's behaviour and decided not to recommend Arun's name for state scholarship. All his dreams being shattered, Arun returned to his Uncle (Pahari Sanyal) at his village. In order to fulfill his promise (that he will send Arun abroad for higher studies in medicine) to his brother (Arun's father) at his death bed, Pahari arranged Arun's marriage with Basanti (the daughter of a Zaminder). The Zaminder sponsored Arun for higher studies abroad on the condition that Arun will marry his daughter Basanti after his return. In the meantime Sagarika was extremely repentant when she came to know that it was Shipra's conspiracy to send Arun's letter to her. Sagarika felt guilty of shattering Arun's dream of securing state scholarship. The Zaminder came to Kolkata to meet his niece Sagarika and requested her to train Basanti so that she could be worthy of Arun. As Basanti was not well educated Sagarika used to write love letters to Arun on behalf of Basanti and by doing so Sagarika herself fell deeply in love with Arun. Arun stood first in FRCS and secured a scholarship for research. However, he met an accident and became blind. When they heard about Arun's accident, the Zaminder decided that Arun can't marry his daughter now. When Arun returned back to Kolkata, Arun's friend Kedar-da (Jiben Bose) and Sagarika (she told Arun that she is Basanti) took care of him. After a few months a renowned eye specialist came to Kolkata and told that with surgery Arun would get back his eyesight. The'Zaminder learnt about Arun's possible recovery from Arun's Uncle. He told Sagarika that once Arun get back his eyesight, Basanti will surely marry Arun. Sagarika promised Arun that after surgery when he regains his eyesight, he will surely see his Basanti first.In the meantime Sagarika told everything (the incidents from College life and her love for Arun) to Basanti and told her to meet Arun when he gets back his sight. As soon as Arun recovered from successful eye surgery, he saw Basanti for the first time. But when he touched her hand , he recognised that this is not the Basanti whom he loves. Becoming extremely upset and violently agitated he was almost loosing his eyesight when Sagarika came rushing through the door and embraced Arun passionately, the movie ends with everybody feeling good.

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