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Bullwhip 1958Bullwhip 1958
iMDB Rating: 5.0

Date Released : 25 May 1958

Genre : Action, Romance, Western

Stars : Guy Madison, Rhonda Fleming, James Griffith, Don Beddoe

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Steve Dailey is in the Abilene, Kansas jail waiting to be hanged when Judge Carr brings Cheyenne O'Malley into his cell and says that Dailey can go free if he marries the girl, without knowing her name, because she must have a husband to claim an estate. Dailey agrees and gets a letter of pardon from the Judge, who plans to kill him, but Dailey, with the help of his friend, Podo, escapes the jail and the Judge's hired killer, "Slow" Karp. He sets out to find his new bride but is captured and taken to the mansion of John Parnell. The latter tells Dailey that Cheyenne is actually a half-breed who runs a fur-trading company and needed a husband because of provisions in her father's will. Parnell is also a fur-trader but he wants Dailey to take over her business so they can work together. Dailey agrees, trails the wagon train and takes over but not before Cheyenne bull-whips him. Meanwhile, Karp has been hired by Judge Carr to kill Dailey and hired by Parnell to keep him alive. He plays ...

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Review :

Rhonda and Guy past their expiration dates

Here's an example of Plot #37 -- the couple forced to wed under unusual circumstances who seem to detest each other at first but who slowly, inevitably fall in love. Since the plot holds no surprises, the success of any film using Plot #37 largely depends on its two leads. Do they have the right chemistry? And does the script give them good dialog to toss back and forth?

Alas, Rhonda Fleming and Guy Madison lack the necessary spark, and both of them seem a bit over-the-hill for this kind of romance. Their lines are without style and wit and the course of their relationship manages to proceed both predictably and unconvincingly at the same time.

An air of sexism and racism pervades the movie and its depiction of the Old West, but in ways that are more amusing than offensive. Seeing Rhonda Fleming in her Indian maiden outfit, complete with feather, has a campy charm.

Not surprisingly, Guy Madison gets to take his shirt off in order to display the chest which once adorned the inside door of a thousand high-school lockers. Though slightly faded at age 35 or so, this chest is still easy on the eyes and it's so unshaved as to be downright furry.

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