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El mundo de los vampiros 1961El mundo de los vampiros 1961
iMDB Rating: 5.5

Date Released : 2 November 1961

Genre : Horror

Stars : Mauricio Garcés, Erna Martha Bauman, Silvia Fournier, Guillermo Murray

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A piano made from skulls and bones has the power to destroy vampires.

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Review :

Death by Too Many Musical Notes

Throughout vampire lore from film we have been introduced to the various ways in which to slay a vampire: direct sunlight, over-exposure to a Crucifix, destroying the coffin of the vampire, killing the head vampire, and, of course, the customary stake through the heart. Not the case in this cheap Mexican vampire film where just hearing a tune with certain notes on an organ or piano does the trick. This film is bad - just no doubt about it, but it is a fun, bad film that had me rolling from beginning to end. The film basically chronicles one vampire's quest to rid the remaining ancestors of the man that offended him so many years ago - the Colman clan. And hearing a suave-looking, highly accented "foreign" vampire just say the name Colman is a real hoot. But it doesn't end there but rather begins. This vampire goes into lengthy soliloquies on why he must get every last Colman. He gives these over-enunciated diatribes while using some of the most over-exaggerated looks from any film vampire. Throw in a bunch of other equally "talented" actors with a threadbare plot and you have the ingredients for a whole lot of unintentional hilarity. Guillermo Murray plays the offended Count with such a lack of subtlety that I could not take my eyes off him nor could I stifle my laughs. He must get the last three surviving relatives: a father and his two beautiful daughters who are being visited by a musician/composer played by Mauricios Garces(in the Van Helsing role - kind of). Throw out standard vampire lore here as this film invents all kinds of new lore - whether it be logical or more likely highly illogical. While a pretty amazingly bad film in many ways, it does offer some highly atmospheric shots in a cave/crypt, the Count playing an organ, and one neat for its time transformation shot. A whole lot of fun at any rate!

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